1- Registration of Yuzenkai Goju -Ryu in Iranian Karate Federation.

2- Expansion of Yuzenkai in Iran through qualified coaches who have technical and ethical requirement.

3- Completing Goju -Ryu in Yuzenkai and transfering it to my students in Iran.

4- Designing and organizing tournaments and competitions such as: wkf, jio kumite, kubudo, and competitions in the form of Bunkai two-men team.

5- Doing research and helping Asthma patients through Goju -Ryu respiratory katas.

6- Doing research and helping patients with difficulties in prostate and uterus through Goju-Ryu contraction exercises ( kai go )

7- Growth and development of my own character and my students through exercising Goju- Ryu Yuzenkai theory and teachings.

8- Expansion of Karate in Iranian educatioal system and society as a general and public sport to promote mental and physical health of the society.